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Mike and Stephanie McQueen.jpeg

Mike and Stephanie McQueen

Parents of a graduate of Karen’s program

Our daughter, Rylie, was diagnosed with dyslexia after years of struggling to keep up with her classmates in school. The doctor who diagnosed her strongly recommended Karen Isaacson as a tutor.

Not only did Rylie struggle with dyslexia, but also anxiety and poor self-esteem. From the start, Rylie blossomed under Karen’s tutelage. Karen uses music, creativity and story telling in her program — all things Rylie loves and responds to. Rylie looked forward to her lessons and she and Karen became great friends.

Thanks to Karen, when Rylie graduated from Karen's program, her anxiety and self-esteem issues had greatly improved and her dyslexia was no longer an obstacle!

Rylie is excelling in school and regularly receives A’s in English and most of her subjects. She has continued with music as well, singing and playing piano, and she writes her own creative stories for fun.

I highly recommend Karen. After all she has done for Rylie, she is dear to us in more ways than we can count.

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