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My Online Tutoring Program

About "Unleashing Literacy: Designed for Dyslexia"

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What is the commitment?

My program generally takes about 3 years to complete. Sometimes it takes less, and occasionally, it takes a bit longer. The length of completion depends on several factors:


* The severity of the individual’s dyslexia

* Their attention habits (it takes longer if ADHD is present)

* Their mental processing speed

* The frequency of lessons (how many times per week)

* The consistency of lessons (not missing lessons is crucial to ongoing progress)

* Their motivation level.


Any Structured Literacy program requires patience and persistence.


There are no quick fixes for the challenges of dyslexia. It takes work and commitment.


But it is a WORTHY investment! With a solid commitment on the part of everyone involved, this program is life-changing! 

What makes "Unleashing Literacy: Designed for Dyslexia" so effective?

• Phonemic awareness skills are taught from the very beginning, to ensure that students develop the critical ability to hear and identify all of the sounds in the English language.
• Clear, systematic rules teach predictable spelling and reading patterns.
• The logic behind the rules is explained, making it sensible and memorable.
• Multi-sensory, color-coded materials provide visually stimulating, hands-on learning.

• Memorable stories, songs and art bring the lessons to life in an entertaining way!

• Reading with dramatic expression is my specialty. Following my enthusiastic example, my students become confident, expressive readers!

What results can you expect to see?

As a result of working through this program, my students become capable readers who are highly educated in their understanding of the English language. They also become familiar with foreign languages such as French, Latin, Greek, and others, so that they are able to read words which we borrow from foreign languages.

As students progress and succeed, they gain confidence and self-respect. They realize that they are SMART and CAPABLE!


My students become capable, confident readers who succeed

in school

and in


About Online Tutoring

How does online tutoring work?

Here's what's required for an effective remote tutoring experience:

  • high-speed internet

  • an up-to-date computer with a fast processor and a web camera

  • a mouse

  • a quiet setting

  • a back-up device (phone or iPad), in case of temporary internet glitches

  • a commitment to making these lessons a top priority


My students log into our Zoom meeting. Using a screen-sharing program, they can see and manipulate our tutoring materials on their screen. These simulate the colorful tiles, workbook pages, and other items used in a physical tutoring setting. This enables students to have a genuinely multi-sensory, "hands on"approach.

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What are the benefits of online tutoring?


Online lessons make this experience accessible to everyone. Not everyone has a Barton Reading and Spelling tutor in their area, and this gives everyone the opportunity for tutoring regardless of location.


Online lessons are convenient. They eliminate the time, effort, and gas required to drive to and from the lessons.



Lessons can be taught quickly and efficiently because the online Barton materials are so easily presented on the screen.

Lessons at school:

Online lessons allow for the possibility of conducting lessons at school during the day. You can request permission from your school to have your child leave class for tutoring, especially during Language Arts or Foreign Language class time.


A dyslexic student’s time and energy is far better spent doing Barton tutoring, which offers the kind of language instruction they actually need.

Enjoyable learning:

Students enjoy learning online! It's a natural, fun way for them to connect with new concepts. Learning on a screen feels like a game!


Organizational skills:

Students practice improving their organizational skills as they take ownership for their tutoring supplies.

Keyboarding practice:

Online lessons give students extra encouragement to build their keyboarding skills on the computer. This is a valuable assistive technology skill for dyslexic individuals.

Engaging rapport:

Online lessons create a delightful face-to-face connection between me and my students. I have an entertaining teaching style, and they are captivated by my antics on the screen!


It's easy to forget that we are not actually together in person!


Are students attentive during online lessons?

Yes! I have a creative, highly interactive style, and I keep the pace moving along so that my students stay actively engaged.


In addition, online lessons create distinct eye contact between the student and tutor, via the computer screen. Students tend to pay attention because I am entertaining and engaging. They are captivated by my facial expressions and dramatic gestures!

Would you like to see how online tutoring works?

I invite you to contact me to set up a complimentary face-to-face meeting online via Zoom. That will give us a chance to get acquainted and allow me to demonstrate how my tutoring program works.

My students experience


and have

a great time

doing it!

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