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Parent Agreement:
Setting Your Child Up For Success


To achieve success in our partnership, my clients agree to the following:

Provide the necessary equipment

1. High-speed internet - Must be capable of supporting Zoom sessions

2. An up-to-date laptop computer - For our purposes, laptops are better than desktops. Tablets, iPads, and
Chromebooks are not adequate.

3. A mouse - It works significantly better than a touchpad.
4. A quality noise-canceling headset, if needed - We can decide if this is necessary. (Note: be sure the headset is truly noise-canceling. Headphones often amplify background noise).

Provide a conducive environment

1. A quiet location - Keep our study environment free from the distractions of TV, music, phone calls, etc.
2. Conserve your internet load - Do not allow any other streaming, gaming, or simultaneous video calls on the same network during our sessions. This can disrupt our connection.


Student Responsibilities

1. Positivity - They will show up at lessons with a teachable attitude,

ready to learn.
2. Attention - They will focus on the task at hand.
3. Keyboarding skills - If this skill is not yet mastered, they will start a

typing tutorial as soon as possible.
4. Organization - They will keep their tutoring area clean and organized.
5. Keep devices charged – They will keep their computer and their

back-up-device charged and ready to go.

Parent Responsibilities

1. We will make these lessons a top priority and avoid scheduling conflicts, realizing that consistency is a huge key to our child’s progress.
2. We understand that there are
no makeups and no credits provided for missed lessons, for any reason. We are paying to have our time slots reserved exclusively for us, whether we attend the lessons or not.
3. We will ensure that our child shows up
on time for their lessons.
4. We are
available to step in and help with tech support – or whatever is needed – at the lessons.
5. We will always have a
second device (phone or iPad) ready as a backup, if there are internet glitches.
6. We will provide an
ample workspace, to allow our child to spread out their supplies.
7. We will pursue appropriate school
accommodations for our child, if they are not already in place.
8. We will
refuse school services that conflict with this intervention, realizing that additional reading programs may create confusion for our child and slow their progress.
9. If problematic behaviors develop in the lessons, we are prepared to
enforce meaningful consequences to help our child reestablish positive habits.
10. We are committed to
strong communication. We will respond to tutoring-related questions or concerns as promptly as possible.
11. We realize it is in our child’s best interest to
complete the entire program. We commit to doing that.

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