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Dyslexia: What Does and Doesn't Work

The International Dyslexia Association states that the following programs will NOT work to remediate dyslexia:

• Accelerated Reader
• Hooked on Phonics, or The Phonics Game
• Reading Recovery
• Vision Therapy and special glasses
• Fast ForWord
• Brain Gym and other neurodevelopmental exercises
• Most commercial learning center chains, such as Sylvan, Kuman, and Score

However, independent, scientific, replicated research shows that what WILL work to overcome dyslexic spelling and reading challenges is one-on-one reading and spelling instruction that is simultaneously:

• Individualized / customized
Systematic and highly structured
Diagnostic and prescriptive
Frequent – as often as possible, no less than twice per week
Direct and explicit in phonemic awareness and phonics

This type of intervention is referred to as Structured Literacy (formerly known as Orton-Gillingham-based methodology).

People with dyslexia CAN learn to spell and read fluently. But it is absolutely critical that they receive the right kind of help from a certified tutor who is trained in Structured Literacy.

Research has shown that the single most important factor in a student's educational success is the knowledge and skill of the teacher. That fact is even more significant when the student has a disability.

The Right Method + The Right Teacher = Spelling and Reading Success

Adapted and reprinted by permission of Susan Barton, Bright Solutions For Dyslexia, Inc.

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