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Michele Morimoto

Parent of a graduate of Karen’s program

We were lucky enough to be referred to Karen after my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia. We had heard great things about the Barton program, but finding someone with Karen’s level of experience was beyond our expectations. 

Karen has a nurturing, patient, loving and creative approach with her students that is truly like no other. She is so invested in the success of everyone she works with.  Not only does she believe in everyone's ability to reach their full potential, but she personally works one-on-one to ensure success in every part of their lives. 

Karen has created so many unique features to make it new and exciting.  She incorporates songs, poems, rhymes and stories into the curriculum, which makes learning the rules easier and more fun.

Dyslexia will stay with my daughter forever, but the tools she's gained have made life so much easier for her.  She went from an insecure, quiet girl who didn't like to read, to a confident teenager who is thriving and loves to read!  We owe so much of my daughter's self confidence to Karen for always building her up, guiding her through challenges and making such a positive impact on not only her reading, but all aspects of her life.  

It is an understatement to say that Karen is one of the kindest and most nurturing souls you will ever meet.  We have referred other students to Karen and everyone quickly falls in love with her. 

I must admit that our last lesson with Karen was so bittersweet.  We were thrilled for this big accomplishment, but we all cried knowing that this one-of-a-kind experience had come to an end.  Our whole family is eternally grateful to Karen for her kind, unique approach.  She has made all of our lives better.

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