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Jennifer Barnes

Elementary School Teacher
Parent of a graduate of Karen’s program

Karen is an exceptional tutor. 

She is an amazing communicator and made the whole process very smooth. She was able to create an environment through Zoom Meetings to encourage Ryan.

I believe what made my son’s tutoring experience so successful was the combination of the right curriculum and the right tutor!

Ryan has a tendency to get anxious at times and Karen didn’t let that get in his way of learning.  She always found a way to make the lessons feel productive and successful. She gave Ryan confidence and strategies to be successful at school and in everyday life. 

Ryan recently finished his first semester of middle school and made the honor roll.

I can’t help but smile when Ryan goes to bed and asks for 5 more minutes of reading time! Karen gave Ryan the tools to be able to read and enjoy it.

We feel very grateful to Karen for her patience and positive energy to help our son. Working with Karen was one of the best things we have ever done for our son.

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