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Jen Feerick

Special Education Advocate
Parent of a graduate of Karen’s program

As a special education advocate, I can honestly say Karen Isaacson is the best dyslexia tutor I have ever come across.

Her ability to bond with each child she works with garners her an amazing amount of respect from her students, which motivates them to work hard for her and achieve the weekly goals she sets for them.  

Karen's personality, combined with her extensive experience, enables her to work successfully with students of all types, including children with dyslexia as well as other learning issues including ADHD, Dysgraphia or Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).  

Most importantly, I have tested her students after completion of her program, and the results confirm the success of her work in children with multiple diagnoses.  

I have recommended Karen to numerous clients and all have come back to me raving about her.  I highly recommended Karen as both a tutor and a coach.  She is something special indeed!

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