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Ann Lomax

Grandparent of a graduate of Karen’s program

My granddaughter, Rylie, was a happy, outgoing child who loved school...until second


It was then that we began to realize there was a problem. She had difficulty with her memory. She was spending three hours a night on her homework. Yet despite all her diligent studying, couldn’t remember her spelling words the next morning.

I would ask her to set the table, and she would do it in her eager, cheerful way...exactly the opposite of how I had shown her.

She was also having trouble learning to read. We talked to her teachers, but they insisted that she wasn’t far enough behind to be concerned. She was teased for being in the lowest reading group, which took a huge toll on her emotionally. Rylie became sad and depressed, and no longer wanted to go to school. Our beautiful, bright-eyed girl was struggling and we needed to know why.

When Rylie was in third grade, her parents took her for an evaluation and received the diagnosis of dyslexia.

Enter...Karen Isaacson. This is when things started to turn around! Karen is an amazing individual who immediately connected with Rylie and saw what she needed. Karen has a unique approach to teaching and uses her musical skills to teach reading and spelling. This was a perfect fit for Rylie, who loved music!

Rylie couldn’t wait to attend her lessons with Karen. She loved their sessions together and she began to progress beautifully. Rylie’s reading skills developed, her grades went up, and even her math improved because she could finally read the math problems.

Whenever I had the opportunity to observe these lessons, I was struck by the fact that Rylie was learning things I had never learned. Karen is teaching the English language the way it’s supposed to be taught. I think every child should be taught this way in our school system, not only dyslexic children! It was amazing.

When Rylie graduated from Karen’s program, they continued to keep in touch and are still friends to this day!

I highly recommend Karen as a wonderful soul and the greatest teacher any child could ever have.

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