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Benjamin Fox
Graduate of Karen’s program

Doing Karen’s program is like building a puzzle; at every lesson we put more pieces together.

As a result of doing this program, I can be reading along or doing a school assignment, and I’ll realize, “I know the rules for these words! It all makes sense now!”

If I hadn’t had this tutoring, I would still be stuck in a hole with spelling. When I used to try using autocorrect, there were a lot of times when it didn’t even know what I was trying to say! Now I know what to do and how to apply the rules. It’s such a great feeling!

My writing has gotten so much better. My fluency in reading has improved. And now, I feel more confident speaking up in class.

It would be so much better for the world if everyone could learn the things I learned from Karen! I wish every student could learn this way in school. They would be more educated and would understand how words are put together. Everyone would be smarter.

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