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Sloan Quigley
Graduate of Karen’s program

Here is what I want to say to someone who is considering Karen's program:


First of all, you need to know that this tutoring program is going to be hard. And you might think it is meaningless and will do nothing for you. But it will get better.


It took me a while to feel that way. Sometimes, I got annoyed, angry and frustrated. I even had to take a break because it was too stressful, and I took it out on my tutor. It was hard to balance school, sports, family, homework, and being a kid. I thought it would be impossible. But I was proved wrong.


I am so glad I came back to tutoring and powered through it, because there are so many benefits. For example, I entered a spelling competition against my aunt, and I won! The word that helped me win was a word I learned from Karen. It was "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!" My aunt had no idea how to spell it.


My mom and dad are blown away with my spelling achievements, which makes me feel proud of myself.


In this program, I have been able to improve in reading, spelling, and speaking. I also learned how to read more expressively with Karen. Now I can read out loud in a confident, entertaining way.


Now I can help others in my class with spelling! Not only can I can tell them how to spell a word, but also why we spell it that way.


Kids at my school have said to me,  "You don't need a tutor, you already know how to spell."


I have explained to them that I have dyslexia, and that is why I take tests in a different setting. But over time I have become a better test taker too, and now I can take tests in my classroom no problem. If I struggle with a problem while taking a test, I can use strategies I've learned from Karen to keep going.


Another thing I learned in tutoring was how to manage my emotions. At times, when I got frustrated and got a block, I had to learn how to overcome it and keep going. Karen was a big part of helping me learn to do this. 


She also had little celebrations for me when I completed a chapter, and she gave me presents when I completed the levels.

My confidence has grown and my courage has grown. This has helped me perfect my ability to self-advocate and ask for help. 


I hope these words help you make the right decision to do tutoring with Karen. Just remember, it will get hard sometimes, but if you use tutoring to the fullest, you will see the advantages in not just school, but in life itself.

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