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Leila Husain
Graduate of Karen’s program

When Karen asked me if I would like to share my story on this website, I said, "One thousand percent YES!"


Before tutoring...

- Spelling was confusing. I couldn't even spell common words like "again."

- Writing was hard and I hated it.

- I was embarrassed by my dyslexia. I worried what other people thought of me.


Once I started working with Karen, everything started to shift.


Karen's program is full of stories, songs and visuals that make spelling rules easy to remember. 

Those rules are firmly built into my brain now, and I automatically use them in my daily life.


One day in school, my literature teacher was struggling to spell the word "psyche" in our class. Because Karen taught me about Greek-based words, I raised my hand and told my teacher how to spell psyche! She was so impressed, and I realized, "I know something my English teacher doesn't know!"


In math, my teacher mentioned the word "polygon." Almost without thinking, I said, "That word means 'more than one angle' in Greek." My teacher was so surprised and asked, "How did you know that?"


I have found uses for every single thing Karen has taught me! It's all worth learning.


Karen's program has also increased my confidence and interest in writing. Amazingly, I now enjoy writing so much that I do it for fun, as an outlet for my creative energy! I'm currently writing a book, and so far, I have written over 200 pages! 


As a result of Karen's program, I've come to realize that being dyslexic isn't some weird, shameful secret that I have to hide. It's part of who I am, and I'm no longer shy about it. I've stopped worrying about what people think of me. I'm confident in who I am, and I feel like I can just be myself!


Sometimes I spot other dyslexic kids at my school, and I enjoy reaching out to help them. I understand how how they feel and how their brains work! It makes my day when I can help someone else who is struggling. 


This program has meant so much to me. It's amazing how much it has changed my life. 


I'm going to miss Karen so much. 

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