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Akuia Reisewitz-Oteng

Thanks to Karen, spelling and reading challenges don’t hold me back anymore. I have even started reading for fun, which is something I never thought I would do because it used to be such a struggle. Doing those lessons with Karen changed my life.


Being in her program is a lot of work. It was hard, and there were a lot of times that I wanted to quit. I had to wake up really early; we had lessons at 6:45 in the morning! But trust me, it’s worth it.

Since I was young, I've loved writing stories, but dyslexia made it really hard. I was constantly asking my mom how to spell different words, which would slow down the writing process quite a lot.


But after three years of early morning lessons, fights with my mom about whether or not I had to do these lessons, and learning lots of genius rules which I still constantly use...I’m writing articles for my school newspaper!


I’m also attempting to write and publish a book, which has been a dream of mine for practically my whole life. If it weren’t for Karen, I never would have even thought I could try.

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