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Casey Quigley
Parent of a graduate of Karen’s program

Dear Karen,


I want to share with you that Sloan's very favorite class this year is English and she has an A+. During our parent/teacher conference with her English teacher, he showed a chart that tracks the amount of writing each student does in the class.  He gives them free time in the beginning of class to write if they choose to do so.  Sloan was OFF the charts in her amount of words written.  


After her first quarter, Sloan has all A's, and I believe 1 B+.  However, to me, that was not the most impressive part.  As we met with each teacher, they each had only positive things to say about Sloan's participation, her efforts, her organization, her helpfulness to her classmates (a real leader), and her ability to advocate for herself.


I could not help but think if we had not gotten her the intervention and hadn't found you 3+ years ago, she would not be in this exact position.  One of confidence and determination. There are many factors that go into making Sloan who she is. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of it!  You have helped put her on a track of true success in life! 


The other piece to all of this has been your guidance, education and support to me.  Having a better understanding of Dyslexia and what that means to Sloan has been priceless.  Thank you for being my teacher!


Very Grateful, 


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