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About The Barton Reading and Spelling System


What is the commitment?

The Barton program takes 3-4 years to complete, depending on the severity of the individual’s dyslexia, their attention habits, their mental processing speed, the frequency and consistency of lessons, and their motivation level. It requires patience and persistence. There is no quick fix for the challenges of dyslexia. But it is WORTH the investment! With a solid commitment on the part of the student and the parents, this program is truly a GAME-CHANGER.

What makes The Barton Reading and Spelling System so effective?

• Phonemic awareness skills are taught from the very beginning, to ensure that students develop the critical ability to hear and identify all of the sounds in the English language.
• Clear, systematic rules teach predictable spelling and reading patterns.
• The logic behind the rules is explained, making it sensible and memorable.
• Multi-sensory, color-coded materials provide visually stimulating, hands-on learning.
• A host of creative memory aids help students remember what they learn.

What results can you expect to see?

As a result of working through this program, my students become capable readers who are highly educated in their understanding of the English language. They also become familiar with foreign languages such as French, Latin, Greek, and others, so that they are able to read words
which we borrow from foreign languages.

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